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How To Determine Chinese Syndrome Diagnosis


How To Treat Respiratory Viral Infections

Jeremy Ross

Integrative Chinese Medicine (ICM)

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Diagnosis and Treatment in ICM
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Integrative Chinese Medicine
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Database Software & Online Course
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How you find effective research based herbal prescriptions

First of all, The HERBALIST is a browser based software and database system for herbal medicine (= Phytotherapy) to find and individually modify pre-set prescriptions, and combine single herbs to an individual prescriptions – quickly and safely.

How you learn research based Phythotherapy in an online course

But, The HERBALIST is also a online course for herbal medicine: The students learn the general principles as well as the finding, analyzing, modifying and prescribing of effective herbal prescriptions.

Online Course

How To Determine Chinese Syndrome Diagnosis – by Jeremy Ross

In this online course, Jeremy Ross shows you how to find a Chinese Syndrome Diagnosis – quickly and accurately. Special knowledge is not required for your participation in the online course.

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Online Course

How To Treat Respiratory Viral Infections

Animated GIF Jeremy Ross on Respiratory Viral Infection
In this online course Jeremy Ross explains how to prevent, treat and recover from Respiratory Viral Infection with herbal medicine – including Covid-19-infections.

Special knowledge is no requirement to join this course.

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Jeremy Ross – Integrative Chinese Medicine (ICM)

How to Integrate Chinese Syndrome Diagnosis, Chinese Medicine and Western Herbs –
A New Scientific Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

In this Interview with Jeremy Ross he talks about what Integrative Chinese Medicine (ICM) is, which problems it solves and which benefits it spends.

About Jeremy

How did Jeremy Ross get into Chinese Medicine? How and why did he found the Integrative Chinese Medicine?

Learn more about his training, his teaching and his german books.

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Get an Overview on Diagnosis and Treatment in ICM…

Jeremy Ross on DIAGNOSIS
in Integrative Chinese Medicine

Jeremy Ross on THERAPY
in Integrative Chinese Medicine


What does „integrative“ actually mean?

Integrative Chinese Medicine (ICM) is “integrative” in several respects: It integrates experiences, knowledge and procedures

  • from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and
  • from Traditional Western Medicine (TWM) and
  • from modern medicine and the natural sciences as well as
  • from the modern health sciences.

In doing so, ICM focuses on those procedures that we as practitioners really need to know and be able to do in order to improve the quality of life of the people who entrust themselves to us. Read the whole article …

Interview with ICM therapist Dr. Ching-Ling Tan-Bleinroth

Dr. Lorne Brown (Founder of Acubalance Wellness Centre, Healthy Seminars & Integrative Fertility Symposium) has done a very interesting interview with ICM therapist and our ICM teacher Dr. Ching-Ling Tan-Bleinroth on “What women with PCOS need to know if trying to get pregnant”. In the interview, Lingky reports on the background of ICM, from her ICM practice and goes into more detail about gynaecology.

With his deep knowledge of Chinese medicine, Western herbal medicine, and Western sciences, Jeremy Ross is uniquely qualified to undertake the important and difficult task of interpreting the nature and functions of Western herbs according to the principles of Chinese medicine.

Giovanni Maciocia

Undoubtedly, Jeremy Ross is the foremost Western pioneer in this field. With tenacious perseverance he unearths the Western knowledge und healing plants, wisdom that goes back to antiquity and for so long seemed to be buried and lost. His scientific training enables Jeremy to merge chemical and botanical knowledge and traditional descriptions of plant properties into a vivid picture of the plant.

Andreas Höll