by Jeremy Ross

Due to the current
SARS-CoVid-19 Pandemic …

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“How to treat Respiratory Viral Infection” by Jeremy Ross

This course is about herb combinations from Integrative Chinese Medicine (ICM) to prevent and treat respiratory viral infection as well as to recover from those infections. Due to the treatment of Influenza the herb formula constituents are evidence based, and they may also be effective in the actual pandemic of SARS-CoVid-19.

The Course consists of four parts:

  • Part 1 Basic principles
  • Part 2 Western herb combinations for prevention, early stage infection, pneumonia and recovery
  • Part 3 Explanation of combinations
  • Part 4 Research evidence for herb constituents

Jeremy Ross – Integrative Chinese Medicine (ICM)

How to Integrate Chinese Syndrome Diagnosis, Chinese Medicine and Western Herbs –
A New Scientific Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment


Interview with Jeremy Ross:
What is Integrative Chinese Medicine (ICM)?
Which problems does it solve?
Which benefits does it spend?


About Jeremy

How did Jeremy Ross get into chinese medicine? How and why did he found the Integrative Chinese Medicine?

Learn more about his training, his teaching and his german books.

Get an Overview on Diagnosis and Treatment in ICM…

Jeremy Ross on DIAGNOSIS
in Integrative Chinese Medicine

Jeremy Ross on THERAPY
in Integrative Chinese Medicine

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“The Interactive PDF by Jeremy Ross”

Home ICM english

The Interactive PDF of the 4 Imbalances and 5  Organs is a visual tool for:

  • recording the patient’s Chinese syndrome diagnosis,
  • comparing herbs and
  • comparing acupuncture points

In this online course Jeremy explains how to use the Interactive PDF.

The course consists of three lessons.

Home ICM english