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ICM by Jeremy Ross


How To Combine Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine

Next Dates:  Autumn 2024



How to Combine Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine

14-day Basic Training

with Jeremy Ross

The future of individual healing
Integrative Chinese Medicine (ICM) – the new therapeutic system founded by Jeremy Ross – combines Chinese medical tradition with current Western pharmacology and clear clinical analytics.

Dates: 5-Weekends à 2 Days (short version)

Language:  english with german translation
Price: € 2600,- (incl. VAT)

In-Depth Webinar

How to Use Western Herbs in Pediatrics

Pediatrics is very important in our society. The Treatment of children’s diseases can be perfectly supported with ICM.

In-Depth Webinar

How to Treat Emotional Disturbance and Insomnia with Western Herbs

Emotional disturbances and insomnia can cause exhaustion and cognitive impairment in millions of people, severely limiting quality of life and the ability to work effectively.

In-Depth Webinar

How to Treat Depressive Disorders with Western Herbs

Depression is one of the most common illnesses. This webinar includes herbal combinations that help bring light, warmth and energy back into people’s lives.

In-Depth Webinar

How to Treat Long Covid with Western Herbs

The long-term effects of Covid (post-acute COVID-19 syndrome) affect thousands of people and can occur months after the original infection.

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