How to treat Respiratory Viral Infections

In this Online Course Jeremy Ross explains how to prevent, treat and recover from Respiratory Viral Infection with herbal medicine – including Covid-19-infections.

Special knowledge is no requirement to join this course.

48,00 (inkl. MwSt)

This course is about herb combinations from Integrative Chinese Medicine (ICM) to prevent and treat respiratory viral infection as well as to recover from those infections. Due to the treatment of Influenza the herb formula constituents are evidence based, and they may also be effective in the actual pandemic of SARS-CoVid-19.

The Course consists of four parts:

  • Part 1 Basic principles
  • Part 2 Western herb combinations for prevention, early stage infection, pneumonia and recovery
  • Part 3 Explanation of combinations
  • Part 4 Research evidence for herb constituents